What is halo effect?
HALO Effect

Marketers have always made use of cognitive biases when they want to sell a product or service. One of the most common cognitive biases which is widely used by marketers and advertisers is the ‘Halo Effect’. What is HALO Effect? When one trait of a person or a thing is used to make an overall decision or judgement about it, it is called as HALO effect. It can be divided into

ecommerce user behavior
Behavioral Targeting 101

Behavioral Targeting is the art of segmenting users based on their browsing behavior which includes their tasks performed online like visiting pages, clicking links, online searches, page visit duration and online purchase history. Considering the rise in mobile data and the capacity to analyze physical store data, it is easier to further segment the users based on their behavioral patterns. How does it work? Remember reading a pop-up that says  This

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

With the advent of technology and automation, every industry is going through a positive transformation. Cold Emailing, Outdoor Advertising. Are you wondering what’s the connection between these two? There are hundreds of articles calling them dead but the smart ones in the industry know it is far from the truth. Outdoor Advertising has its fair share of growth, transformation and success stories. Let’s look at the advantages of Outdoor advertising from