Right way to do OOH

What is the right way to do out of home advertising?

The secret to great recipes is always in the ingredients. As a brand, out of home advertising can put your product/service in front of thousands of customers every day.

Out of home (OOH) advertising has the potential to make or break a business. It is essential to zero down on the most effective way to do OOH campaigns.

It often begins with answering the right set of questions before you kickstart your ad campaigns. Let’s go over the questions one by one along with its importance in the context of outdoor advertising.

1. What is the primary goal of your campaign?

Every advertising campaign has its own goal. It can be either one of the following.

Brand / Product Launch: When you are introducing your brand to the masses or introducing a new product from your brand for the first time. It is commonly denoted as a Brand Awareness campaign.

Social Lift Campaigns: Out of home advertising has a strong potential to build and generate social conversations. Social proof is a strong contributing factor to a brand’s image in the market. If you want people to talk about your product online or take an online action after seeing your outdoor ad, your campaign falls under this category.

Driving Conversions / Sales / Downloads / Subscriptions / Store Visits: Depending on the type of your business, you can pick one word from the title as your end goal. Whatever be your conversion campaign, the right out of home ad campaigns can help you strike gold.

2. Who are your Target Audience?

Having a clear understanding of your target audience persona will help narrow down the targeting. Do they go to school or work daily? Where do they live? Where do they work? How do they commute?

Target Audience for OOH

It is hard to put every prospective customer into a single box but once we start this exercise, it is easier to segment them into target audience profiles.

If the majority of your target segment takes the public transit to work, it makes sense to invest in transit ads rather than billboards along the highway.

3. What is your Campaign Budget?

There are a wide variety of outdoor advertising methods like static billboards, transit ads, bus wraps, truck ads, car wrap advertising, digital billboard advertising, bus shelter advertising and yours truly.

Each type of advertising has its own costs, advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your target segment and their whereabouts, a budget has to be factored for the ad campaigns.

With this predetermined budget, it is easier to pick and choose multiple outdoor advertising mediums to get the most bang for your buck.

4. Is the ad creative serving the purpose?

The well-known mantra of KISS (Keep.it.simple.silly) works well in outdoor advertising as well. In order to create an effective ad creative, let’s drill down further with a few questions that needs answers.

Creative serving the purpose

Is the messaging easier to understand? How long does it take for the audience to grasp the message? Is it visually vibrant? Is it self-explanatory?

If the answers for the above questions are figured out, the creative is all set for deployment.

5. What are your takeaways for the Target Audience?

This is pretty much related to the goal of your campaign. It is important to check if the ad creative nudges the target segment towards a practical takeaway which is aligned with the primary goal of your campaign.

It can be an app download or an online sign up or a social conversation or just brand awareness.

6. What are your Learnings from past Advertising Campaigns?

Taking stock of the performance of previous outdoor advertising campaigns can provide a lot of pointers on what worked and what didn’t.

It then becomes easier to scale the most effective ones and cut down on the advertising mediums that did not yield significant results.

The proof is always in the data and with the penetration of technology and analytics in advertising domain, you can place your bets confidently.


By covering all the above bases, you are all set to kick start your out of home advertising in the right way.

At Stuck AI, we want to help advertisers make informed decisions when it comes to outdoor advertising. You can check out the benefits of working with us here.

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