With the advent of technology and automation, every industry is going through a positive transformation.

Cold Emailing, Outdoor Advertising.

Are you wondering what’s the connection between these two? There are hundreds of articles calling them dead but the smart ones in the industry know it is far from the truth.

Outdoor Advertising has its fair share of growth, transformation and success stories. Let’s look at the advantages of Outdoor advertising from a modern-day perspective.

Things which do not grow and change are dead – Louise Erdrich

Cost Effective

When it comes to advertising, the basic metric of measurement is often the cost to reach 1000 people to make them see the ad (CPM). Lower the costs, the better.

Let’s look at how outdoor advertising stacks up against its digital counterparts when it comes to CPM.

CPM for Outdoor Advertising

Courtesy : The Hustle

Though billboards are stationary, it is often huge and also present in high footfall areas resulting in a higher number of impressions.

Attention Seeking


Be it the vibrant design or the catchy ad copy or the interactive digital billboards, we are big fans of cool outdoor ad campaigns. Outdoor advertising with clever copy is always a crowd favorite.

Great outdoor ads are often shared on social media along with the user’s thoughts on how great the campaign was. This results in amplified reach.

The internet media is quick to spot these trending campaigns and they share it with their respective audience resulting in greater discoverability and brand awareness.

As more professionals start building their personal brand on social media, they are in need of great content to share it with their audience. Clever outdoor advertising campaigns are often widely shared on social media to increase their engagement with their audience.

“When it comes to Ads, Attention-seeking is a good thing”


Depending on the location and the availability of the billboards in that region, a brand can take over a neighborhood or a block if it wants to.

Powerful brands like Netflix can flex its muscles and buy billboards instead of renting them. It recently bought a huge number of billboards in the Sunset Strip, LA.

This prime ad inventory is on the eyes of aspiring actors, film-makers, writers on a daily basis and it strongly positions Netflix as a leading producer and distributor of content. When its original content hits the Netflix platform, it can quickly swap all its billboards to promote its newest releases.

It helps Netflix to attract talent for its originals as well as promote the originals on the most coveted ad-spots in the city when they hit the screens.

Big brands use billboards

Due to the ever innovating programmatic advertising space, it has become easier for media buyers to procure outdoor advertising in multiple locations to enhance their reachability.

Ad Blockers are powerless

In the online world, ad blockers play a major role in limiting the potential of advertising. Pop-up ads, banner ads, sidebar ads – every single one of them gets blocked when you use an ad blocker.

No ad blockers for billboards

Ad blockers have garnered significant attention in recent years that publishers have started introducing separate ad free alternatives to make up for their lost ad revenues.

But in the external world, there are no ad blockers. Billboards, bus wraps, car wraps, backpacks, in-store advertising, bus shelters – there are no ways to block an ad. The users can choose to ignore the ads but cannot block them in anyway.

If the ads are interesting enough, there is a stronger brand love for the brand when it comes to outdoor advertising.

Team Player in the Marketing Mix

Outdoor advertising is a great team player in the Marketing mix. It works hand in hand with other types of marketing campaigns. This is one of the best advantages of outdoor advertising in a modern day marketer’s world.

Marketers can always attribute a spike in sign-ups, visits or social mentions as a result of outdoor ad campaigns.

Good team player in the marketing mix

Let’s say you are launching a new mobile app targeted at bankers and finance experts. Here’s what can be done through Outdoor Advertising.

  • Zero down on the busiest transit station close to the financial district in your city.
  • Take over all the advertising spots in the particular subway station for a week or month around your launch date. We are talking platform posters, floor graphics, pillar wraps, backlit dioramas etc
  • Have a unique landing url across your ad creatives exclusively for this outdoor campaign
  • Have your team measure the hits to the particular URL and prepare to be surprised by the impact.


Outdoor ads are considered as highly credible. For e.g:  A clearance sale or a too-good-to-be-true deal has a higher credibility when it is outdoor ad when compared to an ad online.

Anyone can create and run an online ad if they spend a few dollars but it takes a lot of dollars to put up an outdoor ad and hence it serves as a stamp of approval from the brand.

Four of the top ten spenders in outdoor advertising are tech giants ( Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix - Source


To conclude, outdoor advertising has adapted far better to the growing digital trends when compared to its counterparts and it is only going to grow in the years to come.

Just the fashion and the design trends of the older days are making a comeback, traditional outdoor advertising is back to its golden days.

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